Welcome to The Profit Incubator

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Welcome to The Profit Incubator

If you are reading this then you have invested towards taking your business to the next level with automated marketing and sales systems.

The Profit Incubator is an intense 10 Week Program designed for Maximum Results!

The Ultimate 10 week intensive and structured program is designed specifically to maximize your business opportunities. This programme was created for Businesses & Entrepreneurs who struggle to get their message out to attract their ideal paying customers & those who struggle to decide which marketing campaign to launch to generate revenue, PERIOD!.

Which means in the next 10 weeks you and I will be working on building your system: automated marketing systems and automated sales funnels? With two of these you will be able to sell your products - books, events, webinars and coaching products effortlessly online.

This program will give you the ability to launch/relaunch your business using the book you have published (or, about to) into something you love. The choice is completely yours.

  • Launch your Coaching Business
  • Launch your Consulting Business
  • Launch your book
  • Do a product launch
  • Create your Webinars and Events
  • Have your own Membership Site

The Profit Incubator will help you with all of the above goals you have in mind. That’s right you have made the right choice in investing in The Profit Incubator program.

Now, in the The Profit Incubator program you will get:

Digital Transformation

You will get a brand new website which will be fast and sleak. This website will load perfectly fine on all devices – phones, tablets and computers.

Business Plan

You will get a customised new business plan which will contain the blueprint on how to monetize your business using your book – products, events, coaching, etc.

Lead Capture

We will provide you with a high converting lead capture system. And, we will also give you the customised emails you will need to introduce your brand and business.

Automated Marketing System

You will get a completely automated marketing system setup and implemented into your business with emails. This is called ActiveCampaign. It is a powerful email, sales and marketing system which will give you extra 20hrs a week. This system will automatically tag – leads, customers, high prospects and time wasters so that you are aware of your customers at all the times. It is called Client Relationship Management (CRM).

Sales Funnel

This will help you to convert your leads into buying customers. We will strategise the key aspects of your sales and products and design the perfect funnel so that your prospects will easily buy from you. This will contain – sales pages, prospect capture system, follow-up emails, payment processing, confirmation page and plenty more. This funnel will help establish your authority online and create the right brand perception.

Product Creation

We will help you design your products for your business. The products will be specific to your business and your passion in life.

Membership Site

You will get a complete done for you membership site fully integrated with online payment, content delivery and members access area so that you can protect your content from non-paying clients.

Facebook Ads

You will get a fully integrated FaceBook campaign setup with advert image, sales copy so that you just have to login to your Ad Manager and press a button to launch the sales campaign.

Book Launch

You will get a complete done for you book campaign which will contain the book sales page, bonus download you page and order confirmation page; along with the automated email sequences you will need to have a successful book launch.

Webinar Launch

You will get a complete done for you webinar campaign with the registration page, follow-up email sequences to be sent automatically to your registrants. As a bonus, you will also get a presentation template which will help you create you webinar slides.

Event and Workshops

You will get a complete done for you event campaign which will contain the registration page for tickets purchase and the email sequences for follow-ups and reminders for showing up for the event. As a bonus, you will also get an event logistics guideline to help you conduct a successful event.

This is what you will get depending on the program you have chosen.

Lite Level

Guarantee #1: Brand New Profit Incubator Website

Guarantee #2: Custom Done For You 6 Figure Business Plan

Guarantee #3: Custom Done For You Free Bonus Campaign

Guarantee #4: Custom Done For You Book Launch Campaign


Professional Level You'll get all of Lite PLUS...

Guarantee #5: Completely Automated Client Emails & Nurturing

Guarantee #6: Custom Done For You Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up

Guarantee #7: Custom Done For You Webinar Sales Campaign

Guarantee #8: Custom Executive Coaching with Chinmai Swamy (1 Session, 50 Minutes)


Most Popular

Executive Level You'll get all of Professional PLUS...

Guarantee #9: Custom Done For You Event Sales Campaign

Guarantee #10: Custom Done For You Product Creation and Mastermind

Guarantee #11: Custom Done For You Membership Product

Guarantee #12: Custom Executive Coaching with Chinmai (1 Session, 50 Minutes)

Guarantee #13: Custom Executive Coaching with Naval (1 Session, 50 Minutes)

Guarantee #14: Receive FREE Marketing Tips & Tricks from Naval

Guarantee #15: You will get the project completed in 10 Weeks!!!


List of items you need to provide us in-order to get started with the project

  • Business objectives and goals for 2017-2018
  • Basic information about your business, logo (if you have) along with images, up-branding photos
  • List of products you have along with details of pricing and features


  • Web Copy and Sales Copy
  • Royalty FREE Images and icons
  • Payment Integration
  • Business Strategy document with brand guidelines

Not Included

  • Logo design and custom graphics
  • 3D render of books and products
  • Migrating existing contacts into ActiveCampaign
  • Ongoing maintenance of the website
  • Facebook Ad budget

Ready to get started on your project?